Relay shoes are premium running shoes at affordable prices that have been previously returned either by stores or customers. We inspect each shoe to determine whether it can go back into the market. Shoes with obvious signs of wear or usage are donated and not resold.

We inspect every shoe to determine whether it can be resold. Shoes with obvious signs of use beyond just trying them on or taking them on one short run are not resold as Relay. Shoes must have 99% of their lifespan remaining to be listed on Relay.

Relay shoes were returned for a variety of reasons. Sometimes this could include very minor defects or imperfections. We inspect every shoe to determine if there is a defect and if that defect impacts the performance of the shoe in any way. If it is, it does not get resold. Defects on Relay have to be deemed very minor in order to be resold.

With the fast rise and volume of online shopping today, hundreds of billions of dollars of products are returned every year. Often times, these products can't find another home due to minor defects, slight signs of wear, or challenges in the supply chain. Running shoes are no different. By reselling these shoes, we put a shoe back into the market without having to create a new one.


Relay shoes can be returned within 30 days of purchase. Customers get one free return per year. Relay will send a prepaide shipping label and expedite an exchange or refund.

Relay is owned and operated by Pacers Running. If you have questions about Pacers products or orders please head to runpacers.com.

email us at relay@runpacers.com.